Foot Spa

Foot Spa

Based on TCM principles, it targets key meridian points to clear blockage and encourages the natural flow of “qi”. This helps to stimulate blood circulation, detoxification and natural healing. With each skillful stroke of the therapist, any foot tired foot and aches will slowly dissolve.

Tired Feet Massage with foot scrub 60 min

Focused massage on Thighs, Calves, Leg, Feet and Sole

Reflexology 45 min

Focused on “Qi” Energy and Acupunture points. It helps to increase blood circulation, remove toxin and promotes healthy immune system

Reflexology by "OTO" machine 30 min

Let machine control over your tired foot and relax all the way

Ala-ca (Add-on) Menu:

Full sets ( 3 in 1)
(Soak in red dead sea salts/Scrub/Smooth and soothing aroma whitening cream)


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