Body and Wellness

Body and Wellness Spa (1st in Myanmar with full candling treatment)

Tummy Candling

7 Aroma sense of your choice (rose/lavander/jasmine/greentea/Ginger/Lemongrass ) comes with relaxing and Acu point massage to drain toxin and tummy fats. It helps to promote blood circulation and incrase digestion system that make you feel good and healthy.

Ear Candling

With relaxing and soothing massage with 7 Aroma to calm your neck and ear area. After treatment you will have a sound and quality sleep and wake up with fully energized.

Tummy Trimming - (A perennial favourite with ladies)

Traditional Javanese massage with Ginger and Lemon Grass for breaking down fatty deposits and removing water retention.

Stress Buster Head Massage

Relaxing aroma massage by using "Qi" method to destress and refresh your mind. As well as to increase blood circulation that allows the hair cuticle to strengthen the hair strands

Invigorating Massaage

If you experience chronic fatigue and body aches , this revitalizing massage will help knead away your weariness. Based on TCM principles, it targets key meridian points to clear blockage and encourages the natural flow of “qi”. This helps to stimulate blood circulation, detoxification and natural healing. With each skillful stroke of the therapist, any neck, back and shoulder aces will slowly dissolve. Both indulging and therapeutic, this 60 mins signature treatment will restore your body’s natural balance for a holistic sense of well-being.

Body Sculpting / Body Wrap

Classic Cold Wrap

We have amazing Classic body Wrap which compresses soft fatty tissues to draw out toxins, encourage lymphatic drainage and tighten loose skin. Recommendable is at least 13 session are usually sufficient to help you drop a dress size.

Amazing Result: Besides a shapelier body, you will even notice smoother skin, as well as reduced cellulite and stretch marks. (Strictly by appointment only)

Breast Enhancement Treatment (1st in Myanmar - Safe and Natural ***)

(Send hearts a flutter with your confident, youthful feminine beauty!

Do you look wistfully with femine curve of your favorite K-pop star? And wish for a fuller and curvaceous like theirs? And worry about sagging and uncontrolled bust size? For the first time in Myanmar, you too can experience best kept breast enhancement techniques to boost your feminine charms and confidence - safe and natural

Excel Body ShapeUp

Whether you are most concerned about stubborn cellulite around the abs, love handles, arms or thighs, Exilis Shape UP will help you check off your slimming list. This advanced clinically-proven Radio Frequency treatment applies a comfortable and controlled level of heat to strengthen skin collagen network and improve skin laxity and texture. With firmer, fat deposits are re-distributed so that the “Orange peel” effect of cellulite is reduced. 12 treatment can achieve up to 25% targeted fat reduction. So No worries. If you are in our good hands!!!

Diamond Glow Massage

(with anti-ageing and extra body whithening milk cream and soothing and relaxing massage)

Experience restored elasticity and intense hydration with the most exclusive anti-age body treatment cream. It helps to remove the dead skin cell and renew the texture of skin tone and rejuvenate. After the treatment you will feel completely refresh and all your skin are smooth and flawless like a baby skin.


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