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Eye & Eyebrow Beauty

Eye Treatment

Elements Eye Reviver (Lifting/Firming) (collagen eye mask, RF High-tech machine treatment)

Whether you have had a stressful week, many late nights or restless sleep, Elements Eye Reviver is the perfect antidote. This uniquely massage will not only remove trace of fatigue from your peepers, but also deeply relax and revitalize you.. Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage is improved to lighten dark eye circles and reduce eyebags, while the delicate skin around your eyes is treated to an ultra-healing Magic Plasma Membrane Diamond Eye Mask an 10 mins of Eye Wrinkle ELF mini-roller to promote anti-ageing and soothing ingredients. At the end of the session, you will not only see visible improvements in fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, you will also feel utterly rested and rejuvenated.

Pearly Eye Treatment (for Whitening and brightening)

Double Youthful Eye Treatment (double lifting and firming effect)

TO help bring back younger looking, youthful and lifted eyes with wrinkles with uses RF Derma Lift Radio Frequency (RF) technology to tighten skin and decrease wrinkles by stimulating new collagen production.. This no-knife single treatment is recommended by hooding (excess skin on the upper eyelid), crepeys eyelids and crow’s feet or lines at the corners of the eyes. With minimal downtime and no special post-care required. Results will be seen after 8 treatments

Eye Brow Embroidery (First in Myanmar***)

Beautifully embroidered brows not only slash minute in front of the dresser; they subtract years from your age. Specialising in Asian Face shapes, Erabrowlogy is customized to frame your face perfectly and bring out your best features. This holistic brow service includes a pre-treatment, advanced European technology and boosted aftercare for optimal safety, comfort and results. The effects can last from two to three years (depends on individual) with the full course of treatments and proper care. You will look so natural that friends will think you were simply born with perfect and beautiful eye brows.

EYE LASH Perming (3D)

With high-tech equipment and wonderful product, you will see the beautiful eye 3D lashes that give you outstanding look! This 3D eye lashes will last 2 months with natual looks. Hassle- free for take time to draw eye liner and putting masscara

Eye Brow Trimming

Eye Brow Threading

(First in Myanmar , brought to you by Spa Elements!!!) With indian style eye brow threading with long lasting effect.. 1 month guaranteed hassle -free plucking hair )

Facial Hair Threading

Nose Hair Threading

Lips Hair Threading


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