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Hair (Hair Spa)

Relaxing Hair and Scalp Treatment

Aroma Indulgence Hair Spa Theraphy

Melt away stress on multiple levels with this 90 mins scalp and hair treatment. While the therapeutic bouquet of essential oils teleports you to lush healing Eden for complete relaxation, SE’s deep scalp massage and hair brushing techniques improve circulation, ease physical stress, lift your mood and also aid in healthy hair growth . To top it off, the Asia Hair Awarded Brand with Gingseng , in this treatment fights oxidative stress from UV rays, while Gingseng oil deeply nourish dehydrated tresses.. This ultimate stress-fixer even comes with a light refreshments, should you wish to unwind to your favorite flicks and full of luxury is awaiting you.

Healthy scalp is key to luscious locks, and Spa Elements Hair solutions spares no effort to restore it to perfect balance. Scalp cleansing treatment draws out impurities, regulates moisture and sebum levels, and deeply nourishes the scalp with key herbs such as ginseng, cordyceps. Indulges in a thorough deep cleansing, herbal scalp wash, herbal scalp treatment and herbal Tonic Treatment, revitalizing head massage and glamorous blowout. You will leave this One Stop Beauty Centre with a healthy scalp, glowing tresses and newfound vitality.

(All hair & Sculp treatment with E-Damag 7 Light Therapy machine. Inclusive of Professional Hair Scaning and analysis)

Trichodex (Korea) Hair Treatment

Don’t limit our regular detox to the fax- like skin, scalp sensitivity can be aggravated by stress, pollution, impurities and an unhealthy lifestyle. Ice Cool Scalp Therapy works like a purifying facial to lift off sebum, cholesterol and styling residue that contribute to follicle blockage and inhibited hair growth. Packed with peppermint and mineral sales, it also neutralizes residue from chemical treatments, regulates sebum, eliminates dandruff and soothes the scalp

  • Anti-Hair loss treatment
  • Healthy Scalp Treatment
  • Anti-dandruff Treatment
  • Sensitive Treatment (soothing treatment) for Sentitive Scalp
  • Oily Scalp Treatments
  • Relaxing Head Massage (Dry) with Aroma therapy

above treatment includes hair wash and deep cleansing massage

Hair Beauty Programme

Our highly experienced hair dresser will showcase theirs skills on your hair.. All you need


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