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Body Slimming & Weight Management

Body Slimming & Weight Management (Fast and effective result with Professional treatments and high-tech equipment) - NO side effect

(Especially brought to you by Spa Elements)

All treatments using sliming cellulite busting gel/cream extracted from organic plants and traditional herbs with High-technology Body & Sliming Machine for immediate results WE have wider range of slimming treatments over 12 programme for your needs.

Frustrating about how to fit into tank-top and body-hugging clothes? Consider the painless Tummy Tamer Treatment, 3R and 4R Sliming Fat Freeze Body Treatment . It promotes detoxification, and reduce tummy's stubbon fats and the appearance of stretch marks, so skin looks firmer and smoother. Here’s what this 90min treatment offers and recommended minimum 5 sessions to see incredible results..

What more, you will see "wow" results at the very shortest period after 5 session as we will use the 5 in 1 PhotoThermag sliming machine with 5 in 1 function to break down the stubborn fats in your body


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