I have been trying to find the right product for my oily and dehydrated skin. I came to know through my friend that Spa Elements is offering wide range of facial and product from reputed brand from USA. At first visit, I had to take consultation from Beauty Therapist from Spa Elements before they recommend the right treatment. After the 1st treatment, I found the immediate results where I can visibly see the texture of my skin smooth and moisture which I used to see my skin dry and oily. Spa Elements made my dream came true. It was incredible..!

-Nu Eindra Kyaw (Accountant)

I have acene prone skin and tried many types of products whoever recommends me. BUT I have no better off and yet even worsen my skin as there are no professional beauty consultant in Yangon. Then, I accidentally found the Spa Elements news from Yangon Life.Com. I’d visited the spa to seek help for my problem. It took 20 mins consultation which I have never seen anywhere in Myanmar as they are very professional the way they do. They do scanning my whole face which I can also see in the screen for my conditions. Thereafter, my nice beauty Consultant recommended the Dhama E-light therapy with soothing facial which took me 90mins. After the treatment, my acene seems lighter and my skins looks brighter.. Thanks to Spa Elements!

-Nway Nway Aung (Civil Engineer)

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