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Thursday, 13 June 2013 12:04

Jamu Massage

Spa Elements's signature " Jamu " Massage ( first in myanmar11)

"First & One of its kind in Myanmar "

(Especially design for Newly Mother and Mother-to-be)

Princess of Elements

"JAMU" Indonesia traditional massage with traditional herbs and Sauna facilities

http://equibore.com/owner/chetvertiy-tost-za-muzhika-v-stihah.html четвертый тост за мужика в стихах As befitting its regal theme, Princess of Element Massage is a gloriously indulging treat featuring some of the most exquisite herbal and traditional herbs produced by organic gingers and lemongrass. Created specifically for newly mothers and mothers-to-be, this hour-long and half treatment repairs and restores the elasticity of intensively-stretched skin with calming massage strokes and delicate blend of sweet Avogadro and Lavenda. Newly mother will surely enjoy and appreciated time out.

What more??

креативный дизайнсвоими руками Traditional Jamu massage using traditional herbs extracted from organic plants in Indonesia. It helps breaking down fatty deposits and removing water retention.

Pre-Natal Massage

капитализация биткоина график ( you will also be pampered with the FREE : 2 sessions of Manicure (with organic nail color made in USA with fancyful design). Enjoy your beauty during pregancy while awaiting your baby arrival )

Post-Natal - JAMU massage

передача руля человеку без прав штраф 2017 You will be treated with traditional "Jamu" herbs and aroma extracted from organic gingers and lemon grass. It helps remove toxins and drain the winds that cacused by the child birth. Thereafter, you will enjoy our Eco- friendly and comfortable 'Sauna' filled with Indonesia's Traditional Herbs to remove dead-skin and reduced dark spot, brighten and smoothen the skin. What more? You will then treated with Indonesia style "Jamu" wrap that helps you reduced quickly the baby fats and post-natal weight due to pregnancy. After the recommended minimum 12 sessions, you will be surprised with incredible results that bring back the original shape and enjoy being a newly mother.

After the relaxing treatment, you will be pampered with aroma Authentic Indonesia's Jamu herbal tea that sooth your body and completely refresh your mind. You will be fully energised to take care of your newly arrival baby and enjoyable motherhood

(Strictly by appointment only)


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Thursday, 13 June 2013 12:03

Javanese Massage

Javanese Massage (First in Myanmar ***)

"First & One of its kind in Myanmar"

Therapeutic Javanese Massage

britney spears feat tinashe slumber перевод An oil-based massage that originated as an ancient system of healing with a history of over 300 years in Indonesia. In Javanese massage, working to ease muscle and joint pain as well as stimulate the body’s lymphatic system into releasing its self- regenerative power. The deep thumb pressure is accompanied with simultaneous stroking palm movements, squeezing and pushing against the skin and veins to improve blood circulation.

(Twin Therapist Treatment. Double the therapist, double the effective)

http://tecomarineoffshore.com/library/irost-45-kurgan-attestatsiya-prikazipo-attestatsii.html 45 Twin Therapist. Subject to availability

Smooth and Soothe

http://apn-centrsnab.ru/mail/mglu-prohodnoy-ball-2017-na-byudzhet.html мглу проходной балл 2017 на бюджет Pampering. Javanese fusion. Full Body. Palm based stroking. Twin Therapist. Subject to availability

Back Breaker

Stress Buster

http://gdanskdlaorkiestry.pl/owner/sudebno-meditsinskaya-ekspertiza-testi.html судебно медицинская экспертиза тесты Focused massage on Head, Neck, Shoulder and Face

http://cortexhr.com/priority/kompyuter-zaprashivaet-prava-administratora.html компьютер запрашивает права администратора 2015 (We use Jamu organic herbs and oil extract from 100% Organic)


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